Stanislav Grof Receives Prestigious VISION 97 Award

Vision 97 Award

Stanislav Grof, M.D., psychiatrist, author and consciousness researcher, and one who pioneered
the development of Transpersonal Psychology, accepted the prestigious VISION
97 award granted by the Foundation of Dagmar and Vaclav Havel in Prague on October
5, 2007.

The foundation’s philanthropic mission supports cultural and social projects
and ground-breaking prototypes with the potential to bring meaningful change
to the future.

Former recipients of the annual VISION 97 award include Karl Pribram, American
neurosurgeon and thinker, Robert Reich, former US Secretary of Labor, psychologist
Phillip G. Zimbardo, MIT professor of computer science and pioneer in Artificial
Intelligence, Joseph Weizenbaum, and semiotician and writer Umberto Eco.

Vaclav Havel, writer, dramatist and former President of Czechoslovakia, describes
the significance of this award:

“It is given to thinkers, whose scientific work returns science into the
framework of general culture, transcends the dominant concepts of knowledge
and being, reveals unknown, surprising, or overlooked connections, and touches
in a new way the mysteries of the universe and of life. It is thus an Award,
by which we would like to bring the attention of the public to spiritual achievements,
which in the best sense of the word do not meet the criteria of the established
ways of exploring of reality.”

The awarding of this Prize is not limited to the actual ceremonial act of its
presentation but is also accompanied by other events, including interviews with
representatives of public media and informal meetings of students and professors
during discussions with the laureate and invited guests.

Dr. Stanislav Grof Accepting the Vision 97 Award

Václav Havel’s Speech
at the Vision 97 Award Ceremony (3-page PDF file)

Dr. Stanislav Grof’s Speech
in accepting the 2007 Havel Foundation Vision 97 Award.
(9-page PDF file)

A Laudation by Miloš Vojtěchovský
at the Havel Foundation Vision 97 Award ceremony.
(3-page PDF file)

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