Psyche and Cosmos: The Emerging Synthesis of Transpersonal Psychology and Archetypal Astrology

For centuries the focus of many astrology texts and readings, and of the astrological tradition in general, was predominantly directed to understanding the present personality and predicting future events.  In the past century our understanding of the human psyche has been immensely expanded and deepened by the findings of the major schools of depth psychology—psychoanalysis, Jungian and archetypal psychology, transpersonal psychology.  The discovery of the unconscious, and the gradual disclosure of its deeper layers—the personal biographical, the early childhood and infancy, the perinatal and prenatal, the transpersonal and collective unconscious, encompassing finally the archetypal and cosmic dimensions of the anima mundi—have greatly enriched the astrological understanding, which in turn has shone new light on the deep psyche and its dynamic unfolding. 

Holotropic Breathwork Workshop and Lectures in Sweden

Supernatural Health and Spirit and Kajsa Söderlund are happy and excited to present: STAN GROF at Runö Möten och Events May 26th- 28th 2017 Lecture 1: ”Proposal for a Revision of Psychology, and Psychotherapy: Observations from Half Century of Consciousness Research”, on Friday, May 26th at 10 in the morning is open to the public. Cost: 500 SEK (including 2 coffee breaks) Lecture 2: ”Introduction to Holotropic Breathwork” on Friday, May 26th after dinner (only open for holotropic breathwork workshop participants) Event costs for both lectures and the holotropic breathwork workshop on May 27th-28th where Stan Grof will be present: Early bird registration by April 11th: 3400 SEK Regular price if registering after April 11th: 3900 SEK This is a residential workshop Additional cost for hotel: Hotel accommodation at Runö Möten och Events in single bedrooms for 650 SEK per person and night Please, see registration form for more details about what is included in the workshop price. There is a limit to the number of attendees at the lecture and also a limit to the number of participants in the holotropic breathwork workshop. If the lecture and workshop are full, applicants will be put on a waiting list in chronological order. Please, complete and send the following forms including a photo as attachments to Registration form: Medical form: Questions for new breathers: Travel information prepaid shuttle bus:   “Proposal for a Revision of Psychology, and Psychotherapy: Observations from Half Century of Consciousness Research” Drawing on observations from sixty years of research into an important subgroup of non-ordinary states of consciousness that he calls “holotropic,”...
Exhibition of holotropic art – Way to Oneself

Exhibition of holotropic art – Way to Oneself

Official opening of Dr. Stanislav Grof’s visit in the Czech Republic combined with the opening of the exhibition of holotropic art “Way to oneself.” This is the first exhibition of holotropic art in the Czech Republic. Four artists will present their art influenced by holotropic states of consciousness illustrating their inner transformation. Artists presenting their work are Martina Lupe Švarcová, Greta Sartori, Jaroslava Votrubová, and Jana Vysoudilová. The event includes autographing of books by Stanislav Grof and a cultural program. After the opening Gala evening 22.4 the exhibition will be open: 23.4. 900 – 1800 25.4. 900 – 1400 24.4. 900 – 1800 26.4. 900 – 1400...