Wedding Announcement

Dear Friends,

We would like to let you know that we have decided to spend our lives together and got married on April Fool’s Day, 2016, in Wiesbaden, Germany; we are delighted to share our love and joy with you.

No gifts, please, we are trying to simplify our life! Please, make a donation to our favorite charity – Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. They do an amazing job of feeding homeless people (up to 3,000 a day) and providing many other extraordinary services for these folks. (Glide Memorial Church, 330 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA, 94102)

Brigitte and Stan

Brigitte and Stan Brigitte and Stan 1 April 2016

Changing of the Gods filming

Rick Tarnas and Stan Grof

Rick Tarnas and Stan Grof – Changing of the Gods filming in Big Sur, September 2015

Dear Friends,

I am very excited about a new documentary film being made now called Changing of the Gods.  It is about our dramatic time of planetary change, the need for a radical shift of world view, and the extraordinary insight that archetypal astrology and a transpersonal perspective provide for understanding the events of our time. The wonderful John Cleese is the narrator, and it is based on Rick Tarnas’ book Cosmos and Psyche.

Rick and I began the research that led to this book and film some forty years ago at Esalen Institute.  We just did a week of intensive filming in beautiful Big Sur.

The movie is being produced by the co-founder of Bioneers Kenny Ausubel, and directed by the amazing Louie Schwartzberg (whose films have the power to produce a non-ordinary state of consciousness just by viewing them).

You can learn more about it all and how you can help make this film happen at the website.

I think this film may reach a wide audience and have a significant impact.

Stan Grof

Some more pictures:


Stan, Louie, Kenny, Rick

Stan Grof, Louis Schwarzberg, Kenneth Ausubel, and Rick Tarnas during the filming of Changing of the Gods.

Changing of the Gods filming in Big Sur, September 2015

The crew for Changing of the Gods filming in Big Sur, September 2015

Upcoming Events

  1. Dr. Stanislav Grof Seminar: Psyche and Eros

    September 23 @ 10:00 am - September 24 @ 6:00 pm
  2. Holotropic Breathwork Workshop with Stanislav Grof in Prague

    September 25 @ 2:00 pm - September 27 @ 5:00 pm
  3. Beyond Materialism – Towards Wholeness: International Transpersonal Conference 2017 in Prague

    September 28 - October 1
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