Western Science is approaching a paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions, one that will change our concepts of reality and of human nature, bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, and reconcile the differences between Eastern spirituality and Western pragmatism.
Stan Grof from ‘Beyond the Brain’

I know of no work that so well incorporates the findings of Freud, Jung and Rank, adding fresh insights, which the methods of those psychotherapists could never have achieved. I do not doubt that many others working in this field would find Dr. Grof´s discoveries a basis for a whole new strategy of research. – Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, The Masks of God

Grof’s work is the most important contribution to personality theory in several decades. – Abraham Maslow, founder of Humanistic Psychology

He has performed a great service for us in drawing upon not only psychedelic and holotropic breathwork data, but upon literature, cross-cultural studies, ancient mystical sources, and psychological data in his profound articulation of what we now know about non-ordinary states of consciousness. – Richard Alpert, Ph.D. (RAM DASS), psychologist, spiritual teacher, and author of Be Here Now and The Only Dance There Is.

Stan Grof, M.D., Ph.D. is a psychiatrist with more than fifty years experience researching the healing and transformative potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness. His groundbreaking theories influenced the integration of Western science with his brilliant mapping of the transpersonal dimension.

initcap_06n October 5, 2007 Dr. Grof received the prestigious VISION 97 award granted by the Foundation of Dagmar and Vaclav Havel in Prague. He is one of the founders and chief theoreticians of Transpersonal Psychology and received an Honorary Award for major contributions to and development of the field of Transpersonal Psychology from the Association for Transpersonal Psychology in 1993. Dr. Grof is also the founding President of the International Transpersonal Association (ITA) and was its President for many years.

He has organized large international conferences throughout the world and continues to lecture and teach professional training programs in Holotropic Breathwork and transpersonal psychology. Currently, Dr. Grof is Professor of Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in the Department of Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness in San Francisco, CA, and at Wisdom University in Oakland, CA.

Dr. Grof was born in 1931 in Prague where he received an M.D. from Charles University and a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy in Medicine) from the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences. Between 1960 and 1967, he was Principal Investigator in a psychedelic research program at the Psychiatric Research Institute in Prague, Czechoslovakia.

The Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation

In October 2014, a community of academics, medical doctors, psychotherapists, artists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and spiritual seekers came together to give birth to the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation, a US not-for-profit organization (501c3). The Grof Foundation will address the full spectrum of Stan and Christina’s legacy, including support for people in spiritual emergency and research into the healing potential of non-ordinary states of consciousness.

The Grof Foundation Vision

A world where safe, powerful means for inner transformation are widely available to help transcend violence, foster sustainability, and enrich life.
To make a donation, get involved, or find out more visit the Stanislav and Christina Grof Foundation.


HODW Cover v3.sm Healing Our Deepest Wounds: The Holotropic Paradigm Shift Stan Grof’s book was published on July 1, 2012, his 81st birthday, as his present to the world. This book is an unprecedented consolidation and focusing of Stan’s lifetime work in consciousness research and the application of that work to the individual and collective healing we so desperately need. (276 Pages, 80 black and white pictures.)
Due to Dr. Grof’s busy teaching, writing, and travel schedule and the volume of correspondence that he receives, he is not able to engage in personal email exchanges related to theoretical issues, to read and endorse books, or to offer clinical sessions, personal health consultations, or recommendations.
If you are having psycho-spiritual difficulties, there is information and a list of referrals at spiritualemergence.info provided by the Spiritual Emergence Network, USA, which is a part of the Grof Foundation.
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